Landscaping 101: Lawn Maintenance Tips

Landscaping is a very serious craft that needs constant attention to detail. That is why the mentality “do it and forget it” just does not work with it. Once you have started a landscaping project, you have to see to it that you pull through and finish it. And also, give the proper time and effort for caring, nurturing and maintaining your yard and garden.

One of the most common and very important landscaping maintenance involves tending and taking good care of the lawn. A yard is nothing, no matter what you do and how big it it, without a properly cared for lawn. The grass basically is the basis from which the rest of the landscape design depends on. A healthy lawn is a must because it serves as the canvass upon which everything depends on.

For these reasons, it is very important to understand the important of having great grass and the need to regularly maintain how theu look. There are basically three things you can do to keep the lawn beautiful and your yard perfect. Be able to do these properly and you will surely have that perfect landscape every time.

1. Fall Fertilization

Fertilization of the grass in the lawn is a very important maintenance for your landscape that you cannot afford not to do it. Every year when the fall season is about to end, make sure that you apply a final dose of fertilizer to the grass. The lawn will absorb the nutrients they need to keep them strong and healthy throughout the winter. This also ensures that when it’s time for spring, the grass wil be ready to blossom once again.

2. Winter Cleaning

A smothered lawn, however small the area is, is not a good sign. That is why before the cold weather sits in, do a thorough walk through your yard and remove any debris you see. Things like tree branched, logs, children’s toys and tools should be removed and put in their proper places so they can’t do serious damage when they get left behind through the winter. Smothered grass tends to be more prone to diseases and may even die completely. A brown spot in your lawn in spring is the last thing you want.

3. Aeration

Aeration is the process of puncturing the soil with spikes or removing cores of soil from the ground. This should be done in the yard’s grassy area before winter comes. This is to avoid thatch from accumulating and choking off the lawn. A serious aeration coupled with fertilization before winter will definitely prepare the lawn against the cold weather and will prepare it for the spring. Aerators can be rented from local home improvement or landscaping shops. Or you can also perform manual aeration to save some cash. But the point is to give your yard breathing space during the winter.

These tasks may seem hard at first. But knowing what to do can definitely simplify them. Also being able to perform these will certainly give lots of benefits for you and your landscape design.

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