Choosing Landscaping Plants: A Guide

Choosing the perfect landscaping plants is probably the most important part when working on a landscaping project because these are the first thing people will notice about your yard. That is why it is essential that time and care is given to it. So here are some tips on how you can make that important decision.


Before picking which plants you want to grow on your yard, you must first know where you want to grow them. Decide which parts of the yard you want to have plants and other landscaping elements. This way, you’ll know what exactly you want and need for the design. This is also important so that you can manage the area of the yard more properly.

When deciding which part of your yard you want to grow plants in, you should take note that the area you choose receives either full shade or full sun. This will give you better understading on which plants to grow. You can do this by making a log of the amount of time and time of the day certain areas receive or not receive sunlight.

Expert Advise

If you’re still having a hard time deciding which plants to grow, try asking people who knows this stuff. Take photos of your yard and bring them to a local landscape shop or nursery and ask for their help. They will either give you more advanced tips on which plants can grow best on the conditions you have on your yard.

Annual or Perennial

When picking for landscaping plants, you should also put into consideration which type you like, annual or perennial. You can always ask experts which ones can grow better on your yard. Most people tend to lean towards perennial plants because they do not have to keep on replacing the plants every year. But if you’re the type who wants to also make gardening a hobby, you might want to go for annual plants and enjoy the replanting tradition. Annual plants also have the advantage of giving your home a different look every so often.

Right Tools

When buying landscaping plants, make sure you also get the proper tools and supplies needed to nurture the plants. Things like fertilizers are important so that the plants will have the best chance to flourish in the yard.

After planting, you should always make sure that you have the time it need to take good care of your yard. Dedication is very much needed once you decide to have a beautiful yard to maintain it. So good luck and happy gardening.

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