Landscaping 101: The Elements

Landscaping is one complex art and science. But there are some basic elements you need to know to be able to give your yard space some boost with looks and character. Here are just some of landscaping basic elements:


Admiring a garden in the morning with the sun beautifully shining over your greens is one thing. But what about when it’s night and you still want to give your landscape work some needed attention. This is when the appropriate lighting and well-placed lighting system comes in. Proper lighting will help focus and highlight different portions of your landscaped garden you want to give extra attention to. It should also have the ability to lighten up some parts of the area, as well as the whole yard when you need to. Lastly, it should also give the right mood whenever necessary like when you are having different sorts of events on your garden at night, like luncheons, a date or other gatherings.

Water Pieces

One of the best centerpiece to use for any garden is a fountain or pond. Not only will it support your need for water supply, but also give a certain look and feel to it that most people would really appreciate. A fountain with running water is definitely a good addition, and using some electrical connection that can add lights to the setup will certainly be something special. An artificial fall that leads to a man-made pond with colorful koi fishes is another idea. Using proper lighting can also bring out good effects from these pieces that can definitely maximize the beauty of the garden.


There are other pieces and accessories that you can add to your landscape design that can certainly give more life and charateristic to your garden. Statues and other lawn pieces can bring out not only the beauty of the place, but as well as reflect the personality of the owner or the designer. It will also give a certain unique quality out of the design when personalized pieces are used. Some popular choices for statues include pagodas, Buddha, literary characters and even animals. Bird cages with different exotic birds can also be a good idea for an accessory, especially for people who likes pets and animals. Though the ocassional droppings should always be taken cared of.

Knowing how to keep a good balance between the different elements suggested is something that can certainly bring out the best in any landscape design. It also gives more character and personality to a design. But also remember not to overdo using these elements because you don’t want to end up making your garden looking like a landscaping supply store in the end.

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